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PT. Kerbau is a cigarette company that was founded in 1956 where the founder of PT Kerbau is Mr. Hadi Soebroto. Initially established with the form of an individual company engaged in the cigarette industry, named "Tjap Kerbau" which is located at Jalan Kolonel Sutarto No.16, Jebres-Solo. Mr. Hadi Soebroto started his business by working on Hand-Rolled Kretek Cigarettes (SKT) with his mainstay product “Kerbau Longsize”. And for more than a decade, "Tjap Kerbau" cigarettes have proven their existence in the cigarette market in Indonesia. The vision and mission of PT Kerbau are reflected in the company symbol of PT Kerbau, namely "Kerbau" which symbolizes the meaning of Ngayomi and Ngoyemi because buffalo in addition to having great power also have high social instincts.